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Popular routes in the area

La Taha
This region comprises 9 villages dotted around the north slopes of the Rio Trevelez valley, with Pitres being the ideal base. The regular walks go up to around 2000m (of course you can go higher but a guide would be a good idea) down to the 'Roman' bridge below Fondales at 845m.

On the west the villages are Capilerilla 1306m, Pitres 1245m, Mecina 1027m, Mecinilla 1000m and Fondales 930m. The eastern most village is Busquistar 1156m which is about 4km. from Pitres. In the middle are Portugos 1303m, Atalbeitar 1139m and Ferreirola 1005m. All the villages are linked by various paths and sometimes roads, which allow for easy walks of a few kms. to more strenuous ones of around 20km. taking six hours or more.

On these walks you will come accross ruins of Moorish baths, water reservoirs, mills and lookout structures, as well as many view points and picnic places, all in the most spectacular surroundings.

The Poqueira Vally
From La Taha a 7km. walk west gets you to the beautiful Poqueira Vally where the popular villages of Pampaneira 1060m, Bubion 1300m and Capileira 1433m cling to the steep slopes. These villages are the most well known to tourists, and have, as well as many bars and restuarants, a good choice of wonderful walks - several down to the beautiful Rio Poqueira, a fairly long walk to a Buddhist temple and, of course, the challenging summit of the Mulhacen 3478m, the highest peak in Spain. The Mulhacen can be walked up and back in one day by taking transport up to about the snow line and then having a fairly heavy uphill slog, some time on the top (maybe in snow even in early summer) and straight back down. It can also be taken more leasurely by staying overnight in a refuge fairly high up.

A note of caution is necessary here - these are high mountains which have their dangers, especially the weather. Anyone planning on walking high must be sure of their fitness and be properly equipped and clothed.

To the east of La Taha is Trevelez, which claims to be the highest village in Europe, and boasts the best cured hams in Spain. It can be walked from Portugos in about 5-6hrs. (16km) and a bus taken for the return as long as you are in time - 1730hr at the moment. Trevelez is also the starting point for another way up the Mulhacen. The Rio Trevelez is also well known for its trout fishing above the village.

The High Alpujarra continue a long way east, with a lifetime of walks and places to enjoy, but to explore you will probably need a car - the buses don't run very frequently, but are very punctual and reliable.

There are quite a few guide books on the Alpujarras and it is almost essential to have one if you are to get the most out of your time here. A good one is HOLIDAY WALKS IN THE ALPUJARRA by JEREMY RABJOHNS published by Sigma Leisure ( Stores like Stanfords usually carry most of what is available.