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La Alpujarra
The mountainous district in Southern Spain

The name Alpujarras may derive from Arabic "al Busherat" meaning "the grass-land". The region is one of great natural beauty. Because of a warm southerly climate combined with a reliable supply of water for irrigation,

from the rivers running off the Sierra Nevada, the valleys of the western Alpujarras are among the most fertile in Spain. The area from which the Moors were finally expelled from Spain in 1568 after more than 800 years of control and influence over Andalucia.

In it's entirety it is almost 2000 sq. km, extending south from the Sierra Nevada for 50km to the Mediterranean, encompassing the more southern coastal mountain ranges of the Lujar, Contraviesa and Gador. The highest peak in mainland Spain is the Mulhacen at 3478m in the Sierra Nevada which forms the backdrop to the High Alpujarra.

The rapid change in altitude from here to the coast results in a great diversity of local climate and vegetation-from semi-tropical bananas and custard apples along the coast, through valleys of oranges, lemons, grapefruit and olives to the nuts, apples, persimmons and yet more olives of the high altitudes. The region is also home to a wide range of wild life - many species of birds, from tits to eagles, deer, Ibex, fox and wild boar.