Casa de Luz - House of light
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A few of your many wonderful comments

"A wonderful memorable visit. This house anywhere would suffice- just be great, in these mountains- perfection! Thank you for sharing this beauty, and your warm welcome. The walks are great too."
Miriam Clifford-Hansen - New York, USA
"Our 10 day visit passed all too quickly- like a breeze of rain- and your lovely casa seemed to possess a hospitality all of it's own, which you added to immensely with home cooking and a friendly welcome. Thanks for everything."
Larry - Kent, England
"Perfect way to spend our holiday, thank you for all your kindness, hope to return someday."
Celia - North Carolina, USA
"Had a wonderful time, what a beautiful home! Thank you for all the help and hospitality."
Racnu Lee - North Carolina, USA
"Love the old feel with new conveniences. Great home for all seasons. Worth every centime!"
Rachael Lubin - Hawaii, USA
"Fantastic house, mountains and villages. We really like Pitres - not too touristy but has everything you need. Hope you enjoy your stay as much as we did. Excellent walks from the doorstep."
Di, Ruud, Nick and Yvonne - U.K.
"We enjoyed sitting on the flowery terrace with a glass listening to the evening sounds or chatting. Josh loved the cool pool and spouts. Great visit to the Alhambra - lots to do in a day. Also beautiful walks around local villages - started at 6am to avoid the heat today, stopped for tea and lemonade at Ferrirola - relaxed now! Thanks."
Helen, Tim, Sam[14] & Josh[10] - Herts, U.K.
"What a wonderful stay! Pitres is such a cute, small and historical town. We enjoyed a short walk to Capilarilla where we listened to a fabulous classical concert - if you are here on the 19th August they are coming to Pitres and we highly suggest seeing them. Read the last line of 'the summer day' by Mary Oliver in the poetry book 'the house of light' which can be found on some book shelf. Thanks for wonderful service, our stay was lovely! Enjoy this large house and if you're bored I suggest hide and seek."
The Kelly-Hendrick Family - Seattle, Washington, USA
"What a wonderful space you have created.Have truely enjoyed staying here. Thank you."
Rose - Orgiva, Spain
"Simply not enough time to explore every aspect of either the wonderful house or the area. Will have to return soon. You have made an absolutely wonderful space - we have loved every attention to detail that you have given the place as well as all the things you have chosen to restore and all the ones you've chosen to leave as they were - be very proud of yourselves!"
Caroline, Katy, Fallen, Shem, Asia & Adebes - Orgiva, Spain
"Bellisimo sitio, hemos sido libres y felices. Muy buen gusto en la decoracion. Gracias."
Rafael y amigos - Granada, Espana
"Had a great time. We did enjoy watering all the plants on the terrace, and the camping site pool too. Thanks."
Paul Brindley and sons - England
"La casa es perfecta..."
Carmen y familia + 10 personas - Granada, Espana